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The Right Choice for Memory Care

Avantara St. Cloud is a secure, dedicated facility for individuals who have Alzheimer’s or other related dementia diagnosis’. Our staff is especially trained in approaches and ways to interact with those whose cognitive abilities are impaired. We offer a full range of therapies, activities and programs to enhance the daily lives of our residents.

The goal of our memory care unit is to increase the level of function, interaction and engagement while simultaneously providing a calm, safe and anxiety-reducing environment that supports improvement for Avantara St. Cloud residents. Residents of Avantara Saint Cloud can rely on:

  • Physical and occupational therapy offered up to 7 days a week
  • Lymphedema therapy offered to all residents as well as outpatient participants
  • Physical therapy and sensory equipment focusing on increased independence with self-care and mobility, fall prevention, pain and contracture management
  • Outpatient therapy for those who have cognitive impairment due to dementia
  • Specialized therapies focusing on special awareness, muscle memory, brain stimulation and sundowning behaviors due to their current cognitive level
  • Speech pathology services